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Welcome to My Ted Talk

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

One semester at CSU down. A whole lot of adventures to go.

After this last semester and all that it entailed, I discovered that I am even worse at keeping people updated on my life than I thought. You text me and ask for details about a choir concert? I might get back to you next week. You wanna see some of my recent art that isn't featured on my SnapChat story for 24 hours? No can do. You shoot me an email for general updates about my college experience? I will star it and remember it in a panic at 3 am about a month later.

So how about a blog to keep everyone updated more frequently instead?

I don't really post often on social media about many of my goings on, so this felt like a better, more general platform to keep everyone updated as best as I can.

So what can you look forward to in the coming semester?

As far as school goes, I'm about to get very busy very fast. Now working on two majors as opposed to one (I recently added BioMedical Sciences along with Music Performance), I've got more classes and credits than ever. I have a role in this semester's opera as Kate in Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance in April, and even more repertoire to look forward to in the coming months (Dr. Blake has already given me German piece, so I'm already fighting my hatred of German before the semester even starts). I will keep you updated about the potential for choir concerts, as a potential job opportunity may cause me to drop choir for the semester. Otherwise I have much math and chemistry to look forward to.

Personally I have started a bit of a new art project in designing my own deck of tarot cards (why not?) and will potentially be revamping my Threadless shop Adorable Evil to make it a little more relevant to me again (free shipping on all orders until January 24th!). My mom and I are also planning to get some new matching tattoos I designed on January 18th, so check Facebook for some pics soon!

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