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One year down...

There are lots of updates for you after this very interesting freshman year, including art, music, and life.

As a little summary of freshman year itself; it was so much fun, and so much work, and I can't wait to start putting in more (in an actual classroom setting next semester and everything!). I'm officially a double major in Biomedical Sciences and Music Performance (Voice), and am debating adding a Chemistry minor soon (don't worry, it's only three extra credits). I met some incredible instructors and friends, and made a lot of improvement in spite of COVID-19. I was elected to a position in the cabinet of National Residence Hall Honorary, received a role in an opera I won't be able to perform until spring of 2021 (fingers crossed), passed Piano for two semesters (a miracle), and received a music scholarship. I got to meet a lot of my professor's pets over Zoom, and got to navigate a very interesting time with the help of my professors, my family, my friends, and a lot of Paul Simon music. Pretty soon we'll rush through some summer classes and a couple extra summer jobs and then it will be the start of sophomore year at CSU.

I have done a ridiculous amount of art during COVID-19. I learned how to crochet, how to knit, even how to make my own scrunchies. I've created a record number of paintings (all of which are going to/have gone to loving homes) and started both the graphic design and the suits of my tarot cards, basing every face card off of some of my strongest, most inspiring girl friends. I've also started taking commissions so if there's anything you need embroidered or painting let me know. Feel free to explore my little pandemic gallery below. :)

I also have done much singing this semester, so here are some videos, and some drawings inspired by the songs. I hope you enjoy my purple room as much as my voice studio did.

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